I am who I am, your approval isn't needed.

It is never to late to be what you might have been

  • 17th January
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  • 12th January
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When this all began,
We knew there’d be a price…

Once upon a dream,
I was lost in love’s embrace.
There I found a perfect place,
Once upon a dream…

Once there was a time,
Like no other time before.
Hope was still an open door,
Once upon a dream…

And I was unafraid,
The dream was so exciting!
But now I see it fade…
And I am here alone!

Once upon a dream…
You were heaven-sent to me

…Was it never meant to be?
…Was it just a dream?

Could we begin again?

Once upon a dream…

happy 100th post!

  • 10th December
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  • 6th December
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Could it be that I never really knew you from the start?

Did I create a dream…?

Was he a fantasy…?

Even a memory is paradise for all the fools like me!

Now remembering is all that i can do…because I miss him so when I look at you..

Scarlet Pimpirnel (musical)